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Piecelock 70 B

Designed and completely hand built from a bare concrete floor to a fully wired professional 5.1 recording studio, Piecelock 70 B is Thes One’s finest work to date. Taking inspiration from the design of Herb Pilhofer’s Sound 80 studio in Minneapolis and Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, Thes One designed the control room to take acoustical advantage of having no right angles, double floating wall staggered stud construction and green building methods. The tracking room, though small, sounds huge thanks to the striking floor-to-ceiling dry stack granite and slate wall. All wiring is in-wall, Mogami and terminating in hand soldered plates while the 6 lighting zones fully dim and were wired with reclaimed Ac Variacs and a custom fused circuit built by Thes One. The control room features soffit mounted JBL Midfields and vintage Altec speakers as well as a full in wall 5.1 monitoring system. Hand built by Thes One over the course of 6 months of intensive daily labor, PL70 B is a testament to the belief that great rooms make great music.

Within the studio is housed Thes One’s extensive collection of gear focused on functional modern pieces and collectible classics.

From the year 1969:

Pearl Challenger Tiger Eye Drum Kit | Zildjian Custom Stamp matched cymbal set | Fender Rhodes Mark I w/DynomyPiano Mods | Fender Vibro-Champ Amp | Guild Bass Head & matching cabinet | NOS Neumann/Gefell CMV 563 & capsule set | Electrodyne LA602 (Capitol Studios) Mic Pre lunchboxes w/ Richenbocher DI set | Moog Minimoog Rev. D | AKG BX-10 Spring Reverb | AKG BX-20 Spring Reverb | Calrec AM6 Compressor set | NOS Pultec EQH-2 pair | Altec Program EQ | Hycor Passive Eq | Langevin Program E.Q. set from Mark Linett | 4 matched Neve 1066 Modules | 1/4″ Ampex 440 2-Track | 1/2″ Ampex 440 4-Track Tape Mach. |