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Welcome to the Piecelock 70 Artist Co-Op Store | We pride ourselves in high quality products and fair pricing. A purchase from us means that the artist received the money, in it’s entirety, when it was sold. Might not seem like a big deal, but from our side of the table it’s pretty much a revolution. No record labels, no distributors, no bullshit. We attempt to make art that enriches the lives of those around us and you help us control our artistic destiny by purchasing from Our pricing reflects the costs of manufacturing handcrafted products in the USA that are limited and unique and your support keeps not only PL70 artists afloat but also our countless local manufacturing partners and their employees. We ship on the Monday of each business week or sooner.

If you want to see anything special in the store or have an idea for a product, please contact us at

new and top selling:

12 Step Program – PUTS


Headnodic – Junk Drawer Vol 1

Limited Edition Booklet

Limited Edition Morgan LP

Gitar Active Cultures LP

Limited Sk8 Decks

Limited Edition Sk8 Decks