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The Mop | A Novel By Alan Simpson



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Alan Simpson and Piecelock 70 proudly present The Mop
First Edition Hardcover & Limited Edition Box Set with 45

After a series of failed relationships, author Alan Simpson unwittingly accepts a job that will change his life: porn store clerk in Sydney’s thriving red light district.

In this stark and honest memoir, Simpson documents the final days of the 90’s porn shop heyday as it unsuspectingly teeters on the verge of internet-driven obsolescence. With a flair for wit and the ability to casually describe even the most bizarre circumstances, Alan Simpson captures every ounce of humor, sadness and inconceivable deviance in a world where junkies, hookers and johns are heroes and seemingly upstanding citizens foray with abysmal intent.

“The book records my jour­ney from inno­cent hetty-boy (the stores’ token straight male) to jaded and surly porn store clerk. The Mop is an honest look at one man’s bad luck. A first­hand account of one of the worst jobs out there and a behind the scenes view of a world most read­ers are unfa­mil­iar with. The Mop examines how a rel­a­tively nor­mal, mid­dle class kid ended up in porn and what he did to escape it. It doc­u­ments the lessons learned and the sights seen along the way, show­ing that friend­ship, love and laugh­ter can be found in the most unlikely of places. The Mop is writ­ten for every per­son that has walked past a porn store and won­dered what goes on behind the cur­tain, for every­one that plucked up the courage to ven­ture inside only to come face to face with a jaded porn clerk and for any­one who ever thought ‘My job sucks’.” – Alan Simpson.

Handbound in leather, gold foil stamped and proudly printed and bound in the USA, The Mop First Edition is printed in a limited quantity of 750 units. 250 of these units are encased in a handmade cardboard box containing a promotional 45 by Thes One of People Under The Stairs, gold printed Mop hand towel and individually unique o-band with vintage adult packing material  inside.

NOTICE: The Mop contains adult material and is not suitable for young or sensitive audiences. The Mop Box Set may contain nudity. Mature Audiences only. Comes packed in plain white bag. NSFW.