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Day | Land Of 1000 Chances | Limited Edition CD

CD cover with die-cut Polaroid


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CD in Mini-LP Gatefold: $14.99 Out of stock

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This unique limited edition CD of Day’s Land Of 1000 Chances is a custom made gatefold mini-LP complete with a foil-stamped gold back and removable Polaroid booklet. Handmade and assembled by Pl70 in southern California (not China), this handmade package encompasses everything we are proud of. The Cd was mastered at legendary Bernie Grundman Mastering of Hollywood, mixed and executive produced by Thes One of People Under The Stairs. When all limited vinyl print CD’s are sold, it will not be reissued. 2000 pressed. FOR LP CLICK HERE.

Buy direct from PL70 where your purchase goes directly to the artist, with no label or middleman and receive a free dropcard for a download of the album when it is released with 320k MP3s, a digital booklet and  exclusive videos and remixes only available from PL70.

“Had I known what I was getting us into, I would have never set foot in the studio… The old maxim “suffering for your art” was taken to new heights in the making of Land Of 1000 Chances. Not only was the inspiration for the album soaked in personal turmoil, but seeing it to fruition would take Thes and I to the brink of insanity.  I want to say there were a lot of great moments and experiences I will never forget, but if I had to weigh it all out, it would be a tough call to ever re-live it again.”

1. VQ / 2. Chinaski’s Theme / 3. Mama Shelter / 4. Quaalude / 5. Daddy’s Home / 6. FML / 7. Boots In The Pool / 8. Ode To A Fiend / 10. Land Of 1000 Chances / 11. Adu / 12. Partir / 13. Sushi In Fresno / 14. Hopefully / 15. Green Fin / 16. W-E-L-O-V-E