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Doc Delay | Morgan

SECRET PRESALE PAGE | Be one of the lucky ones to own the limited edition version of the vinyl, complete with full 8 page booklet.

Hand made in California, this beautiful package features a custom spot coated sleeve as well as a beautiful booklet. Enter the swirling world of audio where appropriated vocals merge with live instrumentation and beats, a sonic landscape that defies genres.

“Doc Delay has proven himself one of the most passionate and careful musicians working the stacks. His work as a DJ has been so subtle that it probably won’t surprise anyone that his first original full-length, “Morgan,” feels like yet another blend of genres, or exotic compilation. Except this time, “Morgan” is all him, from writing down to production” – Sasha Frere-Jones

“I don’t know how he did it, but Delay made loner soul, psych rock and hip hop live together in a crazy, harmonious space. Morgan is gonna blow some minds.” – Dj Day

“The first time I heard the songs that would become Morgan I was blown away. The line between sampling and writing is blurred. The chord changes and rhythmic elements make it more than just a producer album. It floats somewhere between old and new, sampled and played, lost and found. It is truly a remarkable album that I wholeheartedly believe in. The vinyl is filed.” – Thes One

Price: $19.49 Out of stock   Deluxe Vinyl Package includes book & digital download dropcard.

Official album release date: May 28th, 2013 | See more Doc Delay products | Free Doc Delay downloads | Album ships 5/27/13