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Day | Land Of 1000 Chances

Had I known what I was getting us into, I would have never set foot in the studio…

The old maxim “suffering for your art” was taken to new heights in the making of Land Of 1000 Chances. Not only was the inspiration for the album soaked in personal turmoil, but seeing it to fruition would take Thes and I to the brink of insanity.  I want to say there were a lot of great moments and experiences I will never forget, but if I had to weigh it all out, it would be a tough call to ever re-live it again.

The idea for all of this was to go back to my roots and encapsulate the last few years of what was going on in my life. I needed to get away from the clean, over-produced music I was making that had slowly put me in a creative corner cover the last 5 years. I was stuck. It’s not in me to make electronic music (I suck at it to be honest) and I didn’t want to re-hash the cut and paste stuff I had done before, so what the fuck do I do now? I go back. Back to the first album I ever made in a bedroom in Palm Springs with an EPS, my cousins drum kit and some records. I had to get back to where I came from in order to harness where I was now. Fuck layering and smothering songs to oblivion. These needed to breathe. Keep it intentionally sparse and simple. It had to be about creating a vibe and sticking to it. Not throwing in a random dance cut or having it cluttered with guests. It had to be honest and real. Somewhere along the way, I ended up drinking way too much, traveling and hanging out way too much and on the precipice of divorce. They say write what you know, so I did.   –  Day

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“Something in the energy of the desert, a magical and funky energy, just permeates through the veins of DJ Day. And you hear that in his music – it’s beautiful and thoughtful and spiritual and it’s a aural window into the soul of this dude. Decidedly 21st Century yet still harkens back to all the decades of history and influence of everything that came before it. Truly gorgeous music, and it strikes me to my core each time I listen to it.”- Cosmo Baker (The Rub)

“Introspective yet candid. In Day’s ‘Land Of 1000 Chances’, there’s a sincerity that bares itself in every beat and live instrument throughout this masterwork, as crisp and vast as a desert night. In the current climate of over-enhanced production, Day refreshingly strips it down, leaving the natural beauty of his arrangements with no makeup – no overstating of themes, rather implying or alluding in a way that reveals itself in multiple listens. While produced in essence from a b-boy approach, there’s a maturity and bravery that glows from this record down the shady and sunny paths of his life.” – Jeremy Sole (89.9 KCRW, LA)