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Have fear, The Mop is here.

It’s seems like yesterday when I sent an anonymous person a PM on the Soulstrut forum.

This NZShadow guy had written a series of highly entertaining posts about working in a porn shop. Along with everyone else, I felt the stories worthy of release in a more formal fashion. The 3 years that followed were a blur of hundreds of emails, book drafts and all sorts of ups and downs, but one thing remained, I truly believed in the book and in Alan’s talent as a writer. And honestly I am sure he was annoyed with me as I juggled things attempting to get the site ready for this release. I made a few miscalculations and misplaced a little trust, but PL70 is better for it. Through it all, I didn’t want to let him down – It is, after all, his life story we’re dealing with. Now that the dust has settled, the book emerges in beautiful (animal friendly) leather with gold stamping. Better yet, it’s limited edition release comes in a box set swathed in all sorts of random vintage porn and bundled with a promotional 45 written and played by yours truly. It’s handmade in America, printed in a family-run Midwest print house on beautiful stock.

Most importantly, it’s a really good read. It’s an awesome book. It may sound cliche, but it truly is laugh out loud funny and exposes a world most of us will never set foot in (I can only hope) – one where bodily fluids spilling everywhere are the least of one’s worries. I gave a copy of the book to my good friend Pete Lyman and he texted me back the following night: “Read the mop last night. Good read! Funny as hell! How much of that stuff is true?” I suppose that is a fair question and one you will (if you are fortunate enough to read this book) ask as well. I asked Alan the same thing but I already knew the answer. His approach towards the subjects, the detail in which he describes the locations and the humor he finds in it all are not something you can make up; they are surely the coping mechanism one develops from being plunged deep into a perverted world where ji**hunts occur, where DADDY prowls and where Gay Disco Heaven is a respite. In short, you can’t make this stuff up. And fortunately for us, Alan took the time to write down his experience in vivid detail.

Of all the praise this book has already received in the short time it’s been out, the best thing I read has come from Justin Torres, a legendary dude amongst dudes in the bay area:

“it’s really a phenomenal book. im 60pgs in and tripping. its soooo funny. its not even just about his experiences at the shop. its him. his life. who he was… showing who he is. music comments, drug references, and the like i can relate to… to a point. its also a great visual on what the area out there was like at that time. i have never been overseas but through the words i feel like im living it too.

anyway… i love this book.”

I do too, and I’m honored to be a part of helping it become real. Here’s to you, Alan.

Thes One

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