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Headnodic | Junk Drawer Vol 1



As producer of Crown City Rockers, The Mighty Underdogs and various side projects, Headnodic remains in the studio creating music that spans a variety of genres and styles yet stays rooted in the undeniable, classic era of hip hop. With that much creative output, sometimes beats can simply slip (more…)

Doc Delay | Galactic Elastic



As with the previous mixes in this series, Delay steps up for another ambitious mix that shatters genre barriers. Galactic Elastic is a warped trip through tempo and consonance. Punk and New Wave ride over lethargic Disco 45s, Guitar pedals, couches and luxurious waterbeds. Take a hit of this (more…)

Gitar vs. Thes One | Spiritual Dubplate 7″



Thes One revisits his original mixes and dubs out two amazing songs from the forthcoming Gitar LP Active Cultures. Hand pressed, mega rare 7″ pressings of the audio available for a limited time as the 45rpm PL7013. Download the digital version for free here and watch for the record…

Gitar | Hang With Fang 7″



Fuzzed out guitars, heavy drums and lush production dominate the sound of the Gitar’s new record Active Cultures, and we are proud to present this hand pressed, mega rare 7″ limited pressing of the chunky Hang With Fang. Originally sent out as a (more…)