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Fall 2013, Whats Good?

in final stages of manufacturing:

PL7011 Gitar | Active Cultures Full Length LP

PL7012 Headnodic | Junk Drawer Vol. 1 Full Length LP

PL7013 Gitar vs. Thes One | Spiritual Dub 7″

in the works:

PL7014 International Breaks

PL7015 People Under The Stairs | The 12 Step Program

Pl7016 Blood at The Cove OST

PL7017 Thes One | Wonderful Radio

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Summer Time Grind | New Releases, Releases in the Works!

When I decided to start Piecelock, there were certain dreams that I had for it. I was frustrated by the number of close friends I had who were sitting on potentially amazing releases; albums whose fruition seemed doomed by the chaotic downward spiral the record industry had taken. at that time, there existed the framework for Alan’s The Mop Book, Day’s Land Of 1000 Chances, Double K’s Brainwave LP, Wonderful Radio, and so on. Without a viable way to release and promote them, the future of these projects seemed doomed to purgatory.

2 years later, I am happy to say that half of that list has not only been released but has been received with both critical and fan acclaim. Our work is not done though, and this month we released another project I had only dreamed of being given the honor to include in the Piecelock schedule.

Doc Delay has been, in my opinion, one of the most underrated Producer/Remixer/DJ/Musicians of all time. That said, he is also a founding member of the PL70 collective and has been selflessly trusting and supportive of this vision from the jump. Whether it meant throwing remix packs up for free download or pulling  his physical product from distribution and mailing it to us no questions asked, he has, quite literally, had Piecelock’s back. His Galactic (Hot Tub Music, Gazebo Music) Mixtape Series will go down in history as paradigm shifting in both format and selection,  yet still he made it available for free on the site after working on it for countless hours. When he casually mentioned he had an album that was almost complete, I had no idea what to expect, but knew it would good.

I was wrong. The album wasn’t simply good, it was amazing. Morgan is a masterpiece in a field that hardly exists. While I could try and describe it in vague adjectives, I’d prefer you trust me on it and just cop the vinyl and get the free download so you can hear it for yourself. Most importantly, I was losing serious steam around the time this album was handed to me and it completely changed my outlook. It’s hard to describe the feeling of being inspired by something so deeply that it moves you to keep pursuing your own goals, but that’s what this album has done for me.

So with new wind in the sails and Morgan in the deck, it’s upwards and onwards for Summer ’13. We’ve got Headnodic’s Iguana, The Day Before, and a glimpse of Gitar’s amazing new project on vinyl, PUTS in the studio, and a whole lot of amazing happening. Big Thangs doesn’t even describe it. Thanks Delay for letting us have Morgan and thanks to everyone who supported via presale. Let’s have the best summer ever.

Morgan LP Cover

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Westernworld. Down with us.

It’s not often we get behind other brands or crews but the Westernworld fam is the real deal and we rock the shit out of their products. They deserve all the support and fame they have coming their way. In fact, at the recent Piecelock open house, they sold out of some of their custom hoodies within minutes of  opening. They got a good thing and we are down with that 100%! Buy some now before the rest of the spring line is gone!

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Land Of 1000 Chances 2.12.13 | Before I Let Go

Next week will see the release of DAY’s new album Land Of 1000 Chances. To me, the moment is bittersweet; on one hand it culminates months years of working uncountable hours for Day (and to a lesser extent myself) to produce a product we can be truly proud of, on the other it is filled with the anxiety of releasing something to the public that is so immensely personal it nearly drove us both into an irreversible spiral of self destruction. They say art can be painful, and as humans and artists I suppose we Continue

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