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Thes One

Born Christopher Portugal in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, Thes One comprises one half of legendary hip hop duo People Under the Stairs. Serving as a vocalist/MC, producer, engineer and business manager, he has produced and engineered 7 albums for People Under the Stairs that have scanned in excess of 100,000 units stateside in 8 short years. He has appeared on the US and International Billboard charts numerous times, created countless remixes and singles for respected artists around the globe and has had numerous appearances as a guest vocalist. As business director, he has coordinated and managed over 21 successful world tours for People Under The Stairs and co-founded the Tres Records label. In addition to being a well respected producer and engineer in Los Angeles, he designs and hand builds recording studios and custom gear, has scored major theatrical motion pictures and has lectured at leading colleges, seminars and the EMP conference.

With the completion of his first non-fiction memoir and the release of Wonderful Radio as well as the new Pl70 website, Thes One plans to expand manufacturing, representation and most importantly, musical output in 2011.



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