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Buy Headnodic’s amazing nu-jazz masterpiece The Iguana HERE

Producer and bassist Headnodic is a musical time-traveler. His exploration into the furthest reaches of rhythm and melody, from golden era rap to 70’s fusion jazz, has inspired an original and profound voice in hip-hop. Trained as a bass player at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Headnodic began to develop his signature style which is inspired as much by session legend Carol Kaye as it is by the stuttered and chopped loops of DJ Premier. It was there that he met the members of what would later become the hip-hop band, Crown City Rockers (originally called Mission:). A number of unique side projects developed from these long established relationships with the CCR crew and extended family including Plate Fork Knife Spoon, Megaphone, The Mighty Underdogs, and a number of instrumental albums. Fresh off the release of 2011’s Red Line Radio, Headnodic is currently recording another solo LP, laying down bass parts on the upcoming People Under The Stairs album, and touring as Gift of Gab’s DJ.