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Five Three Two

Five Three Two, otherwise known as Jay Diaz, is a graphic artist, who specializes in creating interlocking linear narratives. His illustrations are composed of thoughts and situations, directly referenced from his own life’s journey.

Diaz has produced custom designs for a wide-range of clientele spanning from commercial businesses to non-profit agencies. Similarly, the usage is just as versatile. Various applications for his art include, but are not limited to, silk-screened apparel, canvas & prints, and limited edition merchandise. A notable project includes commissioned work for the highly sought after Thes One Presents: Live At The Rootdown Soundclash.

With a rapidly growing catalogue, he welcomes the opportunity to work alongside new contacts and like-minded individuals who seek to push further the quality and standards of their craft. He is honored to have found a creative home within the Piecelock 70 family of artists.


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