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Aesthetics Crew

True to their name, the Aesthetics Crew aspires to represent all that is beautiful in music, art & life. A duo born from tipsy nights marauding Westwood house parties, Indy One and Aidge34 first started making music together in 1999 on a mic with a sock over it. Though the technology was minimal, the chemistry¬† and mutual love for music was apparent from the jump, leading to a friendship and artistic partnership that has lasted over a dozen years. Hailing from LA’s east side, Indy Onerism began DJing, crate digging, and making beats as a teenager; around the same time that Aidge (born in DC and bred in LA) began rockin cyphers and spraying paint all over the city. After a stint making tracks with a crew of friends, the duo emerged as the most musically dedicated and flavorful of the bunch, and began working together on a daily basis. The Aesthetics Crew first release, “Aesthetic Appeal” (2002) was met with widespread acclaim in the underground hip hop community. After 2 EPs and another vinyl release, the A’s Crew dropped their first full length album “Pandora’s Boombox” in 2008. Indy and Aidge have since made countless guest production & lyrical appearances (including PUTS’ “Funner Than Leather” mixtape), rocked stages with many artists, had music featured in several skate & graffiti art videos, and starred in a documentary about the hiphop movement in Beijing, China. Adding the infamous Mixmaster Wolf (Breakestra lead vocalist & historic LA DJ) as their man behind the turntables, the A’s Crew has only gotten stronger over time.



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